September Song Stables

Lone Star Vaulters -- September 2013 Price List and Vaulting Schedule

On September 1st the new season will begin. At this time, vaulters and families need to decide if they want participate in either recreational vaulting, or LSV Competitive Club Vaulting.

September Song Stables Recreational Vaulting: this is a month to month vaulting class, or a “try it out class”, coached by Lone Star Vaulters and Walk/Trot/lower canter coaches. Great for those wanting to maintain good body mechanics while riding or vaulting, or who just want to learn more about the sport and get into good shape! LSV club membership is not required , but an AVA recreational vaulting membership is encouraged.

LSV Competitive Club vaulting: this is a 1 year commitment and you will be coached by Gold Level Vaulting coaches with International experience. Vaulters will be trained to perform and participate in demos such as the Star of Texas Rodeo, h2o Mustang Christmas barn tour, and compete in at least one competition such as Regional’s in New Mexico.

LSV Club Membership is required-$100 to join, $50 to renew- 1/2 goes to LSV Booster

AVA Competitive Membership is required -$50 per year

USEF Membership is required for Bronze, Silver, and Gold level vaulters-$55 year

LSV Booster Club participation is required by Parents or Adult vaulters

Additional expenses for vaulting uniforms, clinics, travel, and horse hauling should be expected

LSV Booster Club & Vaulting Club:
During Aug., club members renewed their “Lone Star Vaulter” club membership for $50 per year. You can become a new LSV member on Sept. 1st, by paying the initial membership fee of $100.
The benefit of being a LSV Club Members is reduced rates for group vaulting lessons, clinics, riding, and horse training. Members are also added to the LSV e-mails, and may be invited to informal vaulting demo’s, Competitions, and events such as fund raisers that are organized by the LSV Booster Club. This membership is renewed each September.
Half of your LSV membership dues will go to the LSV Booster Club which will organize fund raising events to help cover vaulting expenses however the booster members see fit.

AVA- American Vaulting Association membership is also required for anyone taking monthly lessons- it’s renewed each December. Go to for more info. and to register
AVA Recreational Vaulters $25
AVA Competitive Vaulters $50
AVA Family membership $125

LSV Club Vaulting: $200 month (LSV & AVA Membership required)
Recreational Vaulting: $150 month (AVA recreational membership required)
Drop in Recreation class $ 35 Reservation are needed!
Private Vaulting lessons can be scheduled $50 for LSV members/ $75 for non-members

NOTE: During the month of August and December, or competition weekends, we do not have our regular group vaulting lessons, so please check the schedule monthly calendar on the home page.

2013 Class Schedule

Recreational Vaulting: $150 per month or $35 drop-in

Wednesday 6:00-7:30pm
All Levels & Ages - Reservation is needed!
Coach: Trey and Julie
Longeur: Mel / Vegas or Poncho (and training horse/longeurs)

LSV Trot Vaulters $200 per month

Head Coach: Kalyn; Assistant Coaches: Trey & Alex
Longeur: Mel/Vegas; Greg/Poncho
Saturday 9:00-10:30
Wednesday 6-7:30pm Recreational Class optional for Trot Members

LSV Canter Copper/Bronze/Silver Vaulters: $200 per month
Coach:Kalyn; Longeur:Mel/ Cody ∧ Tank
Saturday 10:30AM-12:00PM
Sunday 5-7:00pm Sunday 5:00-7:00 p.m. Conditioning at Kalyn’s house for all Canter Vaulters

Competitive Gold Vaulters: $200 per month
Plus at least 1 hr week coaching lower level vaulters or help ride/lunge/train vaulting horses
Coach: Kalyn; Longeur: Mel/ Cody/Tank/Baloo
Tuesday 8:00-10:00AM Pas de Duex & Comps
Thursday 8:00-10:00AM FS/Tech
Sunday 5:00-7:00PM Canter Conditioning at Kalyn’s house

For more info call 512-282-9232

If a class is canceled due to holiday or weather, please call to get information regarding a make up class, or check our calendar at

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